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Yamaha TENORI-ON: A very weird instrument


This weird device is called Yamaha TENORI-ON and I think Yamaha describes it best as a “16×16 LED button matrix performance instrument with a stunning visual display”. Basically it’s a touch screen allowing you to “draw” your music (with both MIDI and samples). It’s designed by Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai and will be available in the UK from September.

Just imagine the camp fires of the future where the always-present-guitar dude plays one of these instead.

[youtube=] TENORI-ON

Posted by TG September 10th 2007 | 6 comments » | Permalink

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  • Oh my, that’s cool.

  • bgk

    Interesting. Although I can’t see myself buying this thing; I WOULD buy a machine that can play music, PLUS shows the video that goes with that particular song. I think there should be a machine like Nintendo DS Lite that you can slip in not only a game chip, but a music chip also; rock artists, country, hip hop, rap artists, and it plays the songs plus the music videos that goes along with the songs. It could be a whole new line of products to rake in money-

  • bgk

    -the size is good.

  • Mike

    Or you could be creative and make your own music :P

    Neat thing either way

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