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Wireless music sharing for the iPod

One of the advantages Microsoft’s Zune was supposed to have over the iPod was wireless music sharing with people nearby. Now it seems like this feature will be possible for the iPod as well but through a third party add-on called SnoopTunes NoeStringAttached.

“Come on and join the party! How many times have you been trying to share your music with your friends but were unable to do so due to the physical limitations of the music device? Well, now you can. By becoming part of the NoeStringAttached community, this unit will bring many hours of fun to you and your friends by giving you the ability to share your music wirelessly with as many friends as you want within a 15 feet radius.”

As of now the product is only being sold on eBay ($59.99) but apparently it’ll be available at places like BestBuy by the end of this year.

(Via Electronista)

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