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WESC Street Fashion Headphones

WESC Headphones

Swedish WESC (We Are the Superlative Conspiracy), makers of all kinds of excellent streetwear, just launched a collection of headphones combining street fashion with premium audio technology.

The headphone models are Aoki (as in DJ Steve Aoki), Premium Green, Premium Yellow and Street (shown above). The line of earbuds are In-Ear, Classic Yellow (shown above) and Classic Pink and they’ll be available in WESC stores as of now. (About $44 to $200) WESC Headphones (From $32.00)

More pictures after the jump:

WESC In-Ear:

wesc headphone in-ear

WESC Aoki:

wesc headphone akio

WESC Premium Yellow:

wesc headphone premium yellow

Posted by TG July 1st 2007 | 33 comments » | Permalink

  • Boom

    Sweet, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Premium Yellow model.

  • Houdy

    Anyone tried them? Interested in the audio quality

  • Dennis

    It’s all Senheiser components on the inside..

  • kensh

    i got the premium one and the quality is pretty good!!!!
    with a ipod the sound is great!!!

  • julia

    where can I get these?

  • Undegaard (Mr WeSC)

    Julia: You can but them at you local WeSC store (if you have one), or you can order from Aokis homepage :)


    jus got my pair of aoki green signatures, sounds sick!!!

  • They are availble at of course!

  • lulu

    i got them and the sound is perfect..
    but theres one problem: when i got them on my head the size gets larger and larger.
    does anybody know how to freeze them?? pls tell me. thx

  • Jay rox

    I got the black street wesc headphones, which are cheaper than the premium. Sound isn’t that bad, but isn’t that great. You can hear bass, crisp sounding, but the sound is kinda dull. For those who use ipod, ipods don’t sound great in the first place, so these headphones would be perfect. I guess you get what you pay for. My sony mdr v300 was better sounding. But the wesc design is sick. And my only other complaint was that it was a bit tight on my ears at first, but it does stretch and get bigger after u use it a while.

    I’m wondering if the premium $85 is alot better than the street. Can someone who has both tell me if the premium is significantly better?

  • kirio

    hmm.. don’t match with ipod..
    ipod’s sound sucks..
    you never know what the real quality of a headphone has.

  • かあ

    i want this

  • KnowGood

    If in fact they are Sennheiser components on the inside, or made for WeSC by Sennheiser, what model of Senn’s are they comparable to? They look as thought they may be over priced PX-xxx’s. Fashion before function.

  • John

    I bought the Classic, and the sound was reasonable, but then I have an iPod so I wouldn’t know if it could be much better I suppose. However, the build quality was appaling, the strip around the edge came off almost straight away and the connection at the jack went soon after. I would advise you to spend your money elsewhere, especially considering they are Sennheiser components, but I may just have got a bad pair. I expected more from WESC. Disappointing.

  • bradicus_

    im from australia and i would kill for the Aoki signatures…does anybody please please please know where i can buy some from everywhere is sold out….PLEASE :O)

  • Davisco

    I’d got two of theese and I love them. The audio quality is outstanding compared to koss headphones, it’s a “must buy thing”

  • Matt

    I have just invested in the Wesc Oboes and they are excellent.

    Better than Skull Candy i would say, they are very comfortable and really good sound quality getting better and better everyday after you burn them in.

    They are versatile to anything skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding.

    I recommend them to anyone!

  • The sound is great. BUT! the bass is even better! I recommend this to everyone who is looking for a pair of new headset!

  • Davo

    Good, punchy sound, from the Oboes. Seem sturdy enough. Wouldn’t say they are better than the skull candy, Hesh. However, they are faily aggressive. Different sound to the Sennheisers in that respect, anyway.

  • arno

    best headphones in the world
    the audio quality is super great!!!
    best deal to buy

  • Micah

    yeah, I had the same problem…the adjustment wires keep slipping down if I try to adjust them! is this normal? … maybe they are defective? help?

  • loofy


    just spent 3 UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING hours re-connecting the completely useless wire: this involved stripping wires, solding etc etc. dud at join of both wires AND jack after less than 6 months normal use.

    they look amazing and sound ok but that much hassle after that much money is a total disgrace.

  • becka

    hello everybody :)
    I have a question, fits wesc oboe street in the iPod Touch 3rd generation!?!

  • joel


    I spent $150 on the bag pipe headphones and the wire shorted out after a few months. After spending hours cutting and resoldering they lasted another month until the cheap plastic that connects the ear piece broke off and they were beyond repair.

    Get a real pair of headphones like technics or pioneers. They might not look as flashy but they sound much better and will last you much much longer.

  • Crappy

    I just bought a different model of WeSC headphones which is the Maraca model. All I can say about the sound is it lacks a kick of bass. I used the headphones on my iPod and it sounds terrible maybe because the ipod’s sound isn’t that great. I don’t reccommend these for people that goes after the sound but I suggest these only for fashion.

  • Hairball

    I got a yellow pair on sale (slashed to $25) I’m feeling ripped off. Can’t imagine being scammed into paying full price. My standard iPod earbuds are FAR superior in sound quality.

  • JustgotBongos

    Hey i just got the WeSC Bongos, AMAZING sound, i was thinking skullcandy, nixon. No, get these, They might not look as sick as the others but DJ quality for sure.

  • JustgotBongos

    I bought mine at Boat House, Geaorgian mall Barrie, Ontario

  • JustgotBongos

    HAHAA im returning them, the wire is SOOO short on the , i cant even put my ipod in my pocket when they’re on my head, still has sick sound tho..

  • check out the wesc ltd edition headphones

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