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Vuzix iWear AV920 Video Eyewear

Vuzix iWear AV920 2D/3D Video Glasses

Remember the good ‘ol days when Virtual Reality was the bomb and everyone expected everyone to be walking around with some sort of massive 3D video helmet by the next month or so? Well, many years have passed since then but let me introduce Vuzix’s iWear AV920.

These lightweight glasses feature twin hi-res (640×480) LCD displays (equals a 62" screen viewed at a distance of 9 feet), 24-bit true color, 60Hz progressive scan, easy 2D/3D switching, 6 hours of battery time along with removable and flexible earphones.

As far as compatibility you can hook it up with most devices like your DVD player, media player, digital camera, gaming system, cell phone and – last but not least – your iPod Video. iWear AV920 ($349.95)

(Via Forevergeek)

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