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Voodoo Envy Thinnest Laptop Ever?

Voodoo PC Envy 133 Laptops

Here’s the new Voodoo PC Envy 133. These white and black carbon-fiber Intel Centrino beauties are just 0.7" thin, meaning they’re thinner than the MacBook Air (which is 0.76" thick at the middle).

Other than the thin waist the Envy 133 sports a 13.3" LED WXGA (1280×800) screen, weighs 3.4 lbs and packs features like ambient sensors to adjust the screen brightness, a backlit and tactile keyboard, integrated webcam, multiple gesture touchpad and Ethernet connectivity as well as WiFi.

It comes with Voodoo IOS too, meaning you can fire up bootware Linux really fast for Skype, Firefox and similar tasks without booting Windows Vista.

Expect a starting cost of $2,100 when its launched during this summer.

Read more at Gizmodo

Posted by TG June 10th 2008 | 2 comments » | Permalink

  • Nitzer

    Neat. The MacBook Air still gives the impression of being thinner though, must be that it’s thicker in the middle but slimmer on the edges. Question is which one will feel the slimmest in real life. Probably the MacBook.

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