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Volvo ReCharge Hybrid Concept Car

Volvo Recharge Hybrid Concept Car

This is ReCharge, a C30-based concept car by Volvo waiting to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. This sleek thing will be able to take you about a 100 kilometers on electricity before it falls back on its 1.6-liter Flexifuel engine.

According to Volvo we can expect this baby to generate about 66% lower emissions of carbon dioxide compared with the best hybrid cars available on the market today.

Style and environmental friendliness in one package, how about that?

Watch a video of it here:

(Via Jalopnik)

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  • Chris

    Okay, so it uses electricity mostly in place of regular petroleum. That’s great, but it’s not like electricity is some environmentally friendly energy source. Most electricity comes from gas, oil, or coal power plants. So I’m not sure how this car is helping the environment that much; it seems like it’s just shifting the environmental burden back to the power plant. Thoughts?

  • Zork

    I don’t know much about this car except that the green “breaks” you see on the car is actually electric engines, so it has four separate engines, one for each wheel. Anyway, as long as you use self-generated electricity (like a Toyota Prius which uses energy produced when breaking etc) it’s all good, right?

    And if they’ve lowered the emissions by 66% compared to other hybrids on the market at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Dufus

    They can’t say when it will be ready?! Maybe 2015?! They could have it ready for next year if they really wanted to. They are probably in negotiations with the petroleum consortium who will buy it and scrap it. Or assassinate all the engineers working on it.

  • Zork

    Dufus: But at least it’s built on the C30, it’s not an empty concept shell of a car. Hopefully that means we’ll see it on the streets soon. I just hope they’ll put a reasonable price tag on it.. The C30 isn’t dirt cheap, and this version might just cost a little extra.. :)

  • Mark

    Electricity as an automotive fuel is IMHO the best way to go. It’s a lot easier to deal with emissions in a few electricity plants than millions of cars. Besides even if all electricity were produced from burning fossil fuels there are still two ways this system improves on emissions: 1) energy production from fossil fuel in plants is way more efficient than any automobile (including hybrids) 2) nighttime surplus electricity isn’t lost if you recharge outside peak hours. You could recharge thousands of these without increasing overall energy consumption at the plants.

  • Mike

    The first person makes a good point. If you live in one of the states that lets you choose your energy supplier than if you did choose a wind source then you would be in fact riding greener.

    So choose your supplier carefully, the more money you give, the more wind farms they will build

  • Heysus

    Mitsubishi are testing in wheel motors, Toyota have announced a plug-in hybrid. This is a perfect match of technologies. With no price tag it is impossible to figure if low maintenance costs make these concepts financially viable. I want to get off the oil economy. I have solar power on the roof of my house producing more elecricity than I need. And I want a plug-in hybrid. There would not be any plug-in hybrids without the ingeneous hybrid hackers who showed the whole world it could be done. Now the manufacturers are catching on that they cannot ignore this market. Hybrid conversion technology cannot be stopped! Manufactured plug-ins will be in the marketplace.

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  • ruckrover

    For all those who still say “It use electricity – electricity comes mainly from coal – coal is a dirty cause of greenhouse gases, so what’s so much better than petrol/gas??”

    The answer is that electric cars have a very high energy efficiency. They run virtually silently with minimal moving parts. 95% of the energy turns the wheels. Your average petrol/gas guzzling car/truck/bus puts about 25 to 30% of its energy to turn the wheels – the rest spews out as noise and heat and fumes to give you lung cancer.

    The more the grid turns to renewables or nuclear – the less greenhouse as well. But mile for mile an electric car is almost a factor of 10 cleaner for the environment than a petrol car even from a coal based grid.

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  • test

    yeah but the guy said it will be avail 2015 !!!! too late

  • Andy

    If you can’t wait to get one then check out and order the parts off the shelf and convert your old car!!

  • James Umphress

    I have thought that a magnetic motor could power a car thru computer technology. I think you have a winner . When can we buy one?

  • john s mcdonald

    when can i buy this car…..i want it tomorrow!!!!!! and i drive a porsche carrera now….but i am fed up with gas engines and contamination of our environs….pls make this auto avail this year not in 2015….that is totally unacceptable…..pls contact me regarding this…you have an opportunity to scoop the market…so do it!!!!!!! dr. john mcdonald los angeles

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  • Frank Boekhout

    when, where
    , how much ?

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