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Tomy i-SOBOT, world’s smallest humanoid robot

Tomy i-SOBOT

Tomy’s i-SOBOT is listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the “smallest humanoid robot in production” (and what makes a humanoid? Its own MySpace page of course). It’s just 6.5 inches tall and by using the remote control (and your commanding voice) you’ve got a fully articulating and bipedal robot.

It’s gifted with 17 servo-motors, 19 circuit ships, a built-in gyro-sensor, two LEDs, 90 sound effects, 5 songs, voice command recognition and can speak hundreds of words and phrases and perform preprogrammed actions like walking, dancing, martial arts(!), pushups, soccer and such.

The Japanese version is white and the US model is black and it’ll start shipping in October 2007.

i-SOBOT Website

Continue reading for an i-SOBOT video:


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