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The Ultimate Gadget Hoodie

Ultimate Hoodie

ScotteVest’s Ultimate Hoodie might interest anyone who often feel that they’d carry more gadgets if they just had the pockets to do so. This micro-fleece hoodie sports 11(!) pockets with ScotteVest’s patented PAN (Personal Area Network) wire system and earbud loops, allowing your devices to be connected and controlled nicely.

“The Ultimate Hoodie is made of comfortable, lightweight micro fleece, thick enough to keep the chill off but thin enough that you can control your iPod right through the fabric. This hooded sweatshirt features spacious Deep Pocketsâ„¢ with magnetic closures to keep your essentials secure. Other great features include a built-in extendible keychain, a secret pocket and a 2-way front zipper. Comfortable, stylish and useful, the SeV Ultimate Hoodie is a must have Gear Management Solution™.

ScotteVest: Ultimate Hoodie ($69.99)
ThinkGeek: Ultimate Hoodie ($69.99)

(Via Productdose)

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