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The Robotic Quadruped guards your house at night

Robotic Quadruped

The Robotic Quadruped is a creepy little thing. It can run around on the floor like a crab completely autonomous using integrated sensors to scan for (and react to) moving objects. It sports three selectable levels of awareness, aggression and activity and its panning and tilting head is gifted with LEDs so it can operate in low-light conditions.

Anyway, with a sound sensor and everything this thing can run around guarding your house against intruders during the night. Just imagine huge Police-stamped versions of these running around on the streets… Robotic Quadruped ($89.95)

(Via Red Ferret)

Posted by TG September 15th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Great Job! I think im gonna buy one for my house, just to be sure that my dog not gonny be sleeping wehn something is going on i dont want to…
    Bigger Versions could be used to secure a skyscraper or miliitary bases may something like that.

  • ishwar

    please,help Eng.student .how to make such robot.please sent me such informatin to this (

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