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The Rechargeable USB Lighter

Kool Rechargeable Flameless Lighter with USB Flash memory

Here’s the Rechargeable USB Lighter, designed by Nathan Gabriele. It might look like a regular Zippo at the first glance, but flip this “premium giveaway” open and you’ll find that it is flameless and works by resistance coils – like a car lighter. Whenever the juice runs out you just plug it in a free USB port to recharge it.

Oh, and to top it off there’s USB flash storage in it as well.

Coroflot: Nathan Gabriele Portfolio

(Via Yankodesign)

Posted by TG November 6th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Josh

    Wow!! How much does this cost though, and how much storage?

  • Pat

    YES! Price check please… and where can I buy this!?

  • here you can find the original, patented USB Lighter: (128MB – 4GB) in different colours…

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