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The new iMac vs Dell XPS 410

The new Apple iMac vs Dell XPS 410

This ad (or image, really) is put together by Apple and shows the new Apple iMac versus a Dell XPS 410, and before you call foul play I’ll just remind you that the iMac ships with nifty stuff like wireless networking, an iSight web cam and remote control support built-in.

Cables are, as well all know, the root of all evil. So which system would you prefer on your desk, really? iMac vs Dell XPS 410 iMac product page

(Via Fosfor Gadgets)

Posted by TG August 9th 2007 | 6 comments » | Permalink

  • Mikael

    I wonder why they choose to use a non-wireless mouse and keyboard on the Apple?

  • Tobbe

    Guess they don’t want to outrun the Dell completely.. ;)

  • Boom

    Oh yeah, cables are soooo 2006 :P


    Är det bara jag som blir sjukt sugen på en Dell? ;)

  • Anonymous

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  • If iMac is cheaper than Dell XPS, I will buy iMac:)

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