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The floating Dylan Designer Bed

Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed

This is the Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed, designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia. Really, who wouldn’t want to sleep in something that looks like it defies the laws of physics?

The bed is available in Queen, European King and Double sizes and in five colors (white, ivory, dark brown, cream, and black).

Spacify: Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed (from $5,929.00)

One more pic after the jump:

Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG June 11th 2007 | 10 comments » | Permalink

  • I have a client who is looking for pricing on the Dylan-designer contemporary bed. Do you have discount pricing for designers on this item. The client is also looking for stainless steel bar stools also in contemporary styling. Please reply 727-360-5539 office ask for Pat

  • Baron Benjamin King

    sorry i dont know where any beds or stainless steel stools are.
    Baron B. King

  • Lucy

    Hello i like the bed a lot… hmmmmmm in fact i would like to do something in the ….

    How much is the floating bed is it anythin related to Aladins carpet. I sleep naked!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Bassiouny

    I love da idea of da bed bt hw is it standin still…. i cnt gt da idea!?!?

  • Brooke

    How the heck does that thing float!??!!??

  • Jason

    Hi guys,my names Jason pike,and i like this bed-alot
    but what would happeen if i hadd sex whilst init with a mann? :L

  • Jason

    hi again,everythings ok now i kno wat its like my husband bought the bed we have lots of fun in it ;]

  • Brooke

    I love this.

  • bill

    eww gay guy

  • lachlan

    there’s a post hidden behind the sheet just clever photography never the less i would do terrible disgusting things in that bed with u Jason

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