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The 8-bit tie soon to become reality

8-bit tie.jpg

The 8-bit tie was one of ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s jokes (“what an awesome way for the drones of Cubeland to show their independence from Corporate America!”), however the requests to buy this tie just kept flooding in so now they’ve decided to produce it for real.

If you’re interested in purchasing one just add your e-mail on the product page and ThinkGeek will get back to you as soon as it’s available for order. The 8-Bit Tie

Posted by TG April 2nd 2007 | 4 comments » | Permalink

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  • Lindsay

    I have been looking for this tie for weeks online. ThinkGeek is currently sold out, and has been out of stock for months. Does anyone know of where I can find one, even if it was used?

  • Boom

    Yeah, I’d like to get my hands on one too. Wearing a tie at the office suddenly feel realistic.. :)

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