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The 1000100101 Black Watch

Tokyo Flash 1000100101 Black Watch

Oh yeah, here’s another cryptic Japanese wristwatch for you; 1000100101 Black featuring a leather strap with a carbon fibre style front and an IP Black brushed aluminum casing decorated with bright blue LED’s. Besides telling the time in a quite advanced way it can use the LED’s to animate a range of “sci-fi light patterns” as well.

Wondering how to tell the time despite those helping markers on the front? Well, here’s Tokyo Flash’s explanation:

“Telling the time uses the 4 marked areas on the face. The first single light indicates 10 hours, the next 9 are 1 hour each. These are used to indicate hours 1-12. The next 5 lights represent 10 mins each & the last 9 are 1 min each. Using these you can read 1-59 minutes.” 1000100101 Black Watch ($131.00)

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