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Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

CK Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

Calvin Klein has gifted a pair of sunglasses with a 4GB USB flash drive. Smart? Well. maybe if you live in southern Italy or California, but it might get a bit tiresome to carry those glasses with you even on rainy days if you need the data. Or just go rockstar and keep ’em on always.

The sunglasses will be available in October 2009 for $199.

(via technabob)

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Mouse Skype Phone With LCD Display

There’s plenty of mice slash Skype phones out there, but this one claims to be the first one doing it as a classic slider (and it does look like a classic, Nokia cell phone, doesn’t it?). Just slide that thing open for access to its keypad panel, internal speaker and condenser microphone – when closed you can check the caller-ID of who’s calling on the built-in 128×64 LCD display. Skype Travel Mouse With LCD Display ($35.00)

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Elecom Wall Socket USB Hub

Elecom Wall Socket USB Hub (U2H-TC410B)

Elecom’s 4-port USB 2.0 hub U2H-TC410B (god, who comes up with these product names anyway?) is shaped like an ordinary wall socket. It sports a magnets in the back for easy mounting on metal surfaces, but there’s hooks for regular screws as well.

AudioCubes: Elecom U2H-TC410B Wall Socket USB Hub ($39.99)

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Vestax Handytrax: USB Turntable

This is Handytrax, a portable USB turntable for those often finding themselves wanting to play (and digitize) vinyl records away from home. A plastic hardcase is included. No word on export status from Japan though. Handytrax USB (Japanese)

(Via Crunchgear)

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Netbook Stand With DVD/CD Drive

Japanese Century offers a slim and highly portable netbook stand sporting both a built-in and tiny fan (4 cm) to help keep your computer cool and an integrated CD/DVD multidrive. It’s a bit on the expensive side though, they want $100 for it. Wait a while and cheaper alternatives might just pop up. Netbook stand CNBS-WT/0DD

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3-in-1 mouse from Canon

Canon LS-100TKM: Mouse with calculator and numeric keypad

Okay, it’s friday so let’s bring forth stuff you didn’t know you’d ever need, like the Canon LS-100TKM, a 1000dpi optical USB mouse with built-in calculator (with 10-digit LCD screen) as well as a numeric keypad. Flipping that lid open might seem more of a hassle than just hitting win-r and typing “calc”, but that’s just me…

Available in Japan by June 12th for about $32 in black and white models.

Canon Japan: Canon LS-100TKM (Google Translate)

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Want to win a free Mimobot?

Freshpilot's free Mimobot give-away

The people over at Mimoco just sent me three Mimobots to pass on to you readers. Now, these are the 1GB models (there’s 8GB models available now) but if you’re like me and 1) value appearance over storage capacity (well… sometimes) and 2) like free stuff in general then keep on reading.

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The No-Key Keyboard Is All Glass

The No-Key Glass Keyboard by Kong Fanwen

Considering how appealing glass touch-screen interfaces are these days (think iPhone) there ought to be a market for the No-Key Keyboard, a completely non-tactile keyboard concept designed by Kong Fanwen. The idea behind this is that a built-in camera uses motion capture to record the keystrokes instead of by you actually pushing the buttons.

I wonder how my fingertips would feel after a long days hammering on solid glass though…

Read on for more pictures:

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Mimobots now available with 8GB

8GB Mimobot by Mimoco

Mimoco has decided to up the max storage on their Mimobot USB flash drives. All the models (including the return of Darth Vader) are now available in 8GB, but with the hefty price tag of $139.95. Mimobots ($39.95 – $139.99)

Posted by TG May 22nd 2008 | Link to this post

Video Watch with OLED screen

Video Watch with OLED screen

Another nice video watch here, this one sports 2 GB of storage, a crisp and bright OLED screen with 128×128 resolution, video and image playback as well as audio (mp3/wma), earphone jack, equalizer with six modes and a built-in microphone for voice memos.

The battery allows 7 hours of audio playback and 4 hours for video and you recharge it through USB.

ThinkGeek: Video Watch with OLED Screen ($79.99)

Posted by TG January 4th 2008 | Link to this post

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