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Ortre Cinco Cargo Bike

Ortre Cinco Cargo Bike

Here’s the Cinco Bike by Sydney-based Ortre, originally a concept bike designed by Alex Liauw. This incredibly practical, urban bike is designed to carry loads while still being easy to ride (just check out those fat little tires). You can hook up either a wooden deck or a sturdy basket big enough to carry an airline carry-on case in the back.

There’ll be a simpler, single-speed model available in the future but this first one sports nine-speed.

“The Cinco bicycle by ORTRE is purpose built for the baggage of an everyday cyclist. Some people swear by backpacks, some prefer dedicated racks with panniers, and of course there is the ubiquitous messenger bag. However the team at Sydney-based ORTRE asked themselves “Why cant we just take a normal bag cycling? Why do we need a specific cycling bag?” The answer of course is the bike.

There’s no price tag on it yet, but it’ll be shown on the Taipei Cycle Show March 16th to 19th.

Cinco product page

Ortre Cinco Cargo Bike

(via Gadgetlab)

Posted by TG March 10th 2011 | Link to this post

Kinfolk “International” Foldable Bike

Here’s International, a foldable (well, deconstructable in a really clever way) bicycle that won “Best Ride” in the 2010 Wallpaper Design Award, and man, does it look good or what? These one-off bikes are designed and hand-built by US/Japanese Kinfolk (actually by 71-year old master frame builder Shuichi Kusaka), painted by Coat and the custom bag is designed by Nivaldo de Lima. They don’t come cheap though, expect a price tag of about $3,800 to $3,900 depending on if you want the bag with it or not.


Posted by TG August 19th 2010 | Link to this post

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