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Equilibrium Bookcase

This is the Equilibrium Bookcase by Malagana Design. Stunning!

“With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point, Equilibrium is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches attention by creating a sense of amusement and surprise.”

It might look fragile but it can hold more than 120 lbs (54 kg) worth of weight and it’s available in three different colors as well as natural walnut veneer. No word on pricing though.

(via fubiz)

Posted by TG October 27th 2010 | Link to this post

My Book World Edition II Updated

Western Digital just announced that they’ve updated the My Book World Edition II network hard drive. This sleek lookin’ network storage solution is now available with two internal drives offering a total of 4 TB as well as 2 and built-in RAID technology to keep your files safe and secure. As for connectivity you get USB 2.0 as well as gigabit ethernet, so fast transfers to and from it shouldn’t be a problem.

The updated version is already available in the Western Digital Store for $699.99 while the 2TB goes for $399.99 (or from $320 on Amazon).

Posted by TG June 25th 2009 | Link to this post

Cablebox hides your cables in style

White and black Cablebox

The Cablebox has a simple yet very important task; to hide as much cables, surge protectors and power strips as possible while keeping your floor nice and tidy. Cables, as we all know, is the root of all evil currently known to man.

The boxes are available in both white and black, sport rubber feet and measure 40 x 15 cm (about 15 x 6"). Just shove your excess cable in there and forget about them.

Charles & Marie: Cablebox (€22.00, about US$34.00)

Posted by TG June 9th 2008 | Link to this post

Zyrus Bandi USB Flash Drive

Zyrus Bandi USB Flash Drive

This is Zyrus Bandi, a brand new flip-up USB flash drive designed to be worn as a pendant. It’s all metallic and sports a glowing LED ring, a cord for easy wearing, password protection, 18MB/sec reading speed and 4.5MB/sec writing speed.

It looks like it’s only available on the Korean market at the moment though.

Read on for more pictures:

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Posted by TG December 27th 2007 | Link to this post

LaCie Hard Disk: Black and glossy

LaCie Hard Disk

LaCie sure does release different and stylish storage devices from time to time (you’ve seen the 500GB Golden Disk, right?). Here’s Hard Disk, a mirror-polished black external hard drive with blue LED ambient lights benath.

It’s powered by USB 2.0 and available in sizes from 320GB to 1TB. Design by Neil Poulton. Hard Disk by Neil Poulton ($119.00 to $399.00)

Continue reading for more pictures:

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Posted by TG December 9th 2007 | Link to this post

Even more Star Wars Mimobots

New Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash Drives by Mimoco

Mimoco’s Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash drives got plenty of attention a year ago or so and now they’ve extended the series with Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Boba Fett. The Chewie and Stormtrooper models still rule in my Mimobot world though.

The Mimobots comes in three different models; 1GB for $49.95, 2GB for $69.95 and 4GB for $109.95. The new models will start shipping in January/February.

Mimoco: Star Wars Mimobots Mimoco Mimobots (from $69.95)

(Via Slipperybrick)

Posted by TG November 29th 2007 | Link to this post

Attaché Optima 8GB Flash Drive

Attaché Optima 8GB USB Flash Drive

The Attaché Optima USB Flash drive is apparently the fastest in the world (20MB/sec), but I’d buy it just because of the looks. It’s available in 4 and 8GB models, both Windows Vista ReadyBoost-enabled and featuring AES encryption to keep your files secure. Attaché Optima Product Page

Posted by TG November 23rd 2007 | Link to this post

Porcelain Memory USB Flash Drive

Mokkatanten Porcelain Memory USB Flash Drive

So there’s rugged USB Flash drives with huge storage capabilities and then there’s products like Mokkatanten’s Porcelain Memory. This cute little Moomin-lookin’ thing is handmade and features a modest 1GB of storage and an internal LED that glows through the porcelain when active.

One gigabyte might not be much these days but to compensate for that every stick ships with a hand-knit pouch to keep it warm and cozy.

Porcelain Memory USB Flash Drive by Mokkatanten (€90.00, about $147.00)

» More USB Flash drives on Freshpilot

Posted by TG November 21st 2007 | Link to this post

RayD8 Mimobot USB Flash Drive

Mimobot RayD8 USB Flash Drive

Skulls and skeletons works just as good all year round – not just during Halloween – so here’s the glow-in-the-dark RayD8 Mimobot USB Flash Drives by Mimoco.

Available in both happy and evil models with storage ranging from 512MB ($39.95) to 4GB ($109.95). RayD8 USB Flash Drives

Posted by TG November 1st 2007 | Link to this post

EDGE DiskGO 32GB Flash Drive

EDGE DiskGO 16GB + 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

EDGE’s DiskGO range of USB 2.0 Flash drives now include a roomy 32GB model. While perhaps not gifted with the most stylish appearance ever they all ship with lifetime warranty and comes preloaded with Cryptarchiver Lite, keeping your files 128AES encrypted.

Edge Tech Corp: DiskGO USB Flash Drives (32GB $399.95)

(Via OhGizmo)

Posted by TG October 31st 2007 | Link to this post

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