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Wooden iPhone Skins by Karvt

Karvt Wooden iPhone Skins

Want your iPhone to stand out from the crowd or just give it a bit more back-to-nature look? Check out these wooden iPhone skins by Karvt. These hand-made skins are made of real wood (alder, bamboo, cedar, cherry, hickory, oak, pine.. you name it) which makes each skin unique due to the wood grain and texture. You get both front and back skins for the iPhone 4 but only front skin for the iPhone 3 due to the curved back.

Available here:
Gnr8: Karvt Wooden iPhone Skins ($23.00, +$10.00 for iPhone 4) Shop ($25.00)

Posted by TG March 2nd 2011 | Link to this post

New DLO iPod Jam Jackets

DLO iPod Jam Jackets (Touch, Classic, Nano)

DLO has launched a couple of new Jam Jacket protective cases for iPod Touch, Classic and 3G Nano. For $20 you get a form-fitted silicone case protecting your unit from bumps, dust and scratches gifted with an earbud storage system (securing both buds and cord) while still allowing access to all controls and connectors.

Available in black and clear silicone.

DLO: iPod Touch Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod Classic Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod 3G Nano Jam Jacket ($19.99)

Posted by TG November 6th 2007 | Link to this post

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