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Hard Graft Draw Case for iPad Air / Mini

Hard Graft Draw Case for iPad Air / Mini

Looking for a stylish iPad Air or iPad Mini case? Let me suggest the Hard Graft Draw Case, made in leather and felt with a marl grey rope. Oh, and it doubles as a stand as well.

The Draw cases are available soon in two sizes, both for around $184 (€138).

Buy @

Posted by TG November 4th 2013 | Link to this post

Incase Terra Bag Collection

Incase Terra is a new collection of stylish bags, packs and laptop sleeves in natural materials featuring bold, red interiors and oversized zippers. The Terra Tote ($79.95) sports a removable shoulder strap, padded bottom and room for up to a 13" MacBook Pro. The backpack, Terra Campus Pack ($99.95), sports padded straps and a padded notebook compartment for a laptop up to a 15" MacBook Pro in size.

For those just wanting to protect their precious machines there’s the Terra Sleeve ($49.95), available in 11", 13" and 15" sizes with an external slip pocket for documents.

Buy @ Terra Collection

Posted by TG October 19th 2011 | Link to this post

Incase Perforated iPhone 4 Cases

Incase, makers of quality cases since forever, just launched a perforated set of slider cases for iPhone 4. Ultra-lightweight and protective, available in both black and white.

“We’ve combined the 360 degree edge protection of the Slider Case with perforations to reduce weight and volume for a case that gives you the best of both designs. The unique Perforated Slider construction also eliminates rails and bumpers allowing your iPhone to float on an air cushion that protects the phone’s back from impacts and drops.” Perforated Slider Case ( $34.95)

Posted by TG May 6th 2011 | Link to this post

Valextra MacBook Air Leather Portfolio

Valextra leather MacBook Air portfolio / case

Looking for something stylish and expensive to carry and protect your MacBook Air with? How about this portfolio hand-crafted in dark brown leather by Italian Valextra? Besides the good looks it sports two pockets (one with flap closure and one with three pouches of which one is zipped).

As said earlier, you might find a bit pricey considering the $958 price tag (about 1,300 USD). Valextra Leather MacBook Air Portfolio (

Posted by TG March 10th 2011 | Link to this post

Booqpad iPad 2 Agenda Case

So, the iPad 2 was launched yesterday and now we can just sit back and wait for its accessories. The Booqpad iPad Agenda by Booq combines an iPad 2 case and notepad into one, keep your notes, pen, stylus and businesscards in there and you’re ready for any meeting.

The case is and is made from Nappa leather and ships with a blank, 50 sheet A5 notepad. You can then refill the notepad with paper in a variety of styles depending on if you’re a, say, designer, developer or writer. As for the colors you get to pick between black/gray, sand/plum, gray/green, white/berry and coffee/cream (shown in the images). iPad 2 Agenda ($49.95, $99.95 for the coffee/cream model)

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Wooden iPhone Skins by Karvt

Karvt Wooden iPhone Skins

Want your iPhone to stand out from the crowd or just give it a bit more back-to-nature look? Check out these wooden iPhone skins by Karvt. These hand-made skins are made of real wood (alder, bamboo, cedar, cherry, hickory, oak, pine.. you name it) which makes each skin unique due to the wood grain and texture. You get both front and back skins for the iPhone 4 but only front skin for the iPhone 3 due to the curved back.

Available here:
Gnr8: Karvt Wooden iPhone Skins ($23.00, +$10.00 for iPhone 4) Shop ($25.00)

Posted by TG March 2nd 2011 | Link to this post

Retro Polaroid iPhone 4 Decal

Polaroid iPhone 4 Decal

Give your iPhone 4 a retro touch with this genius decal, quickly transforming your phone to a Rainbow OneStep Polaroid Land camera. The sticker is cheap, easy to apply, won’t leave any residue when removed and looks great. What more can you ask for?

Photojojo: iPhone 4 Polaroid Decal ($6.00)

Posted by TG January 13th 2011 | Link to this post

Incase Origami iPad Stand Sleeve

The Origami Stand Sleeve by Incase is inpired by the ancient Japanese paper-folding art and while it offers the protection you’d expect from a neoprene sleeve it sports a neater feature as well; it can quickly be folded into a stand, allowing both horizontal and vertical viewing positions. It’s available in both black and pink models, both with plush faux-fur interiors.

Link: Incase: Origami iPad Sleeve ($34.95)

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Posted by TG November 3rd 2010 | Link to this post

Makr Leather iPad Cases

Looking for something exclusive to protect your iPad with? How about these leather sleeves by Makr? They’re inspired by Makr’s flap wallets but sports a hidden cordovan closure instead of a horizontal keeper.

The cases are available in Chromexcel Bark ($240.00), Black ($240.00) as well as Mahogany ($230.00) and although they’re made to contain iPads you can use them to hold just about anything with a fitting size, of course.

(via acquire)

Posted by TG August 18th 2010 | Link to this post

Vaja Leather Case For MacBook Air

Vaja Leather Cases for MacBook Air

Vaja has been making stylish leather cases for electronic devices for a long time, and a laptop like the MacBook Air (that fits into a manila envelope sleeve) obviously needs some too. Here’s the iVolution case, ready to protect your precious machine in style. iVolution MacBook Air Case (from $280)

(Via Slipperybrick)

Posted by TG June 13th 2008 | Link to this post

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