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Atomic Projection Clock

Self-setting Atomic Projection Clock

Here’s the Self-Setting Atomic Projection Clock. A black, cubic alarm clock featuring both easy-to-read digits on a green, LED-backlit display as well as soft, red numbers projected on the wall, ceiling or any nearby flat surface.

As the name implies this atomic clock is self-setting, meaning it’ll communicate with the US Atomic clock to make sure it’s set correctly and automatically adjust for annoyances like Daylight Saving Time.

Oregon Scientific: Self-setting Atomic Projection Clock ($34.99)

Posted by TG December 6th 2007 | Link to this post

Daylight Projection Clock

Daylight Projection Clock

Here’s the Daylight Projection Clock with Outdoor Temperature Display, a stylish little thing that’ll project the precise atomic time and temperature on any surface and by automatically adjusting the strength of the projection it’ll work in any lighting conditions.

It comes with an alarm too, just wave your hand in front of it to shut it off.

Oregon Scientific: Daylight Projection Clock with Outdoor Temperature Display ($129.99)

(Via Uncrate)

Posted by TG November 30th 2007 | Link to this post

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