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Cassette Tape Watch

ASOS Cassette Tape Watch

Ah. Everything that resembles compact cassette tapes looks like a winner in my eyes. This chunky cassette tape watch in shock-resistant stainless steel uses the two spools to tell the time. Neat indeed.

(It would probably go well with your cassette tape USB flash drive, cassette tape MP3 player and luxurios cassette tape belt buckle in 18K gold too.)

ASOS: Cassette Face Watch (£35.00, US$69.00)

(Via Slipperybrick)

Posted by TG May 29th 2008 | Link to this post

NYC Subway Token Cufflinks

NYC Subway Token Cufflinks

If you’re out for a new pair of cufflinks after the holidays you better check out these sterling silver ones made out of authentic New York City subway tokens. They measure .5" across and are indeed made out of the real tokens used in NYC between 1953 to 1970.

Elsewares: NYC Subway Token Cufflinks ($60.00)

Posted by TG January 3rd 2008 | Link to this post

Apple Timeline T-shirt

Apple 30 First Years Timeline T-shirt

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Apple Inc. is 30 (+1) years old. Why not inform them? This tee from Insanely Great Tees shows the entire timeline, from the Apple I and Apple II in ’76 and ’77 to the MacBooks and iPhones of 2007.

InsanelyGreatTees: Apple Timeline ($17.00)

Posted by TG December 30th 2007 | Link to this post

Retro Flip Down Desk Clock

Retro Flip Down Desk Clock

Here’s the Retro Flip Down Clock. An internal gear-operated 12-hour AM/PM shiny metal desk clock that’ll make sure you get that retro, airport feeling every time it switches minutes or hours.

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Posted by TG December 5th 2007 | Link to this post

Pixel Style Fridge Magnets

Nintendo NES Fridge Magnets and Tree Ornaments

The Etsy shop Things to Love offers handmade fridge magnets and Christmas tree ornaments that’ll warm the heart of any old 8-bit Nintendo or C64 player during these cold months.

There’s Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble, the Mario mushrooms, Goomba, Shyguy and.. well. I want ’em! Some glows in the dark as well.

Things To Love: Pixel style fridge magnets / Christmas tree ornaments ($4.00 – $7.00)

Posted by TG December 4th 2007 | Link to this post

Even more Star Wars Mimobots

New Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash Drives by Mimoco

Mimoco’s Star Wars Mimobot USB Flash drives got plenty of attention a year ago or so and now they’ve extended the series with Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Boba Fett. The Chewie and Stormtrooper models still rule in my Mimobot world though.

The Mimobots comes in three different models; 1GB for $49.95, 2GB for $69.95 and 4GB for $109.95. The new models will start shipping in January/February.

Mimoco: Star Wars Mimobots Mimoco Mimobots (from $69.95)

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Posted by TG November 29th 2007 | Link to this post

Troika FM-Radio Boom Box

Troika Boom Box AM/FM Radio

If you’re on the look-out for a really retro AM/FM radio you better check out the TROIKA Boom Box. This alarm clock radio features a wooden and aluminum exterior (light and dark wood panels available), backlight button, radio/buzzer alarm signal, LCD display, antenna, earphone jack and a handle that doubles as a stand. Troika Boom Box ($75.00)

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Posted by TG November 29th 2007 | Link to this post

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Here’s the Space Invaders Alarm Clock, available in shiny white, blue and black. I’m sorry to say that you can’t play the game on it (or even need to play it a bit to shut it down in the morning), but it still looks good. Space Invaders Alarm Clock ($64.00)

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Posted by TG November 22nd 2007 | Link to this post

Super Famicom Controller for Wii

Nintendo Wii Super Famicom Controller

Oh yeah, Nintendo has retrofitted a bunch of classic Super Famicom Controllers (SNES for some of us) to make them Wii Virtual Console compatible. These were meant to be exclusive for Club Nintendo Platinum members in Japan, but the people over at National Console Support Inc offers them on pre-order (starts shipping April 2008). Sweet.

Now, where’s the NES model?

NCS Inc: Super Famicom Controller Wii ($30)

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG November 21st 2007 | Link to this post

Mixa: Cassette Tape USB Flash Drives

Mixa: Cassette Tape USB Flash Drives

Make a Mixa is a pretty cool idea for anyone old enough to remember the good ol’ mix tape days. Select a blank cassette tape in white or black, upload the pictures you want to decorate it with (either from your harddrive or from web services like Flickr) and voilá – you’ve got yourself a custom and USB-enabled 1GB cassette tape ready to be filled with whatever you want (mp3’s, images, emo poetry…).

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Posted by TG November 1st 2007 | Link to this post

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