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Nooka Zub 40 Watch

Nooka Zub 40 Watch

New York-based fashion design company Nooka has revamped their Zub Zoo watch, dubbing the new one Zub 40. The Zub 40 is available in black, red, white and charcoal/green and interchangeable bands in the same colors, allowing you to customize it a bit more. Simple and stylish. Anyone else getting a LEGO vibe?

Buy @ Nooka Zub Zoo 40 ($100)
Product page: Nooka

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Nooka AO Wallet (Asset Organizer)

Nooka AO Asset Organizer Wallet

Nooka AO is a silicone wallet designed to fit comfortably in your back pocket or bag while sporting a system of containers for your cards, cash, licenses and photos. As usual with Nooka it’s available in a number of bold colors, so take your pick. Nooka AO Wallet Nooka AO (From $21.95)

Nooka AO Asset Organizer Wallet

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Nooka Zub Zayu Watch

Nooka just revealed the latest addition to their line of original timepieces, the Zub Zayu, featuring the largest display of the Zub models. “Sayu” is Japanese for “left and right” and this assymetrical watch can be worn on both left and right wrists. As with similar Nooka watches you read the time by counting the dots for the hours while the vertical bars shows minutes and seconds.

The Zub Zayu is available in four different colors: black, gray, yellow, purple/magenta and blue and besides regular time and date it has alarm, chronograph as well as a sleepmode to help conserve battery.

Link: Zub Zayu (Preorder, $175)

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Nooka Zub Zirc Watch

New York-based Nooka Inc. just announced the Zub Zirc ($130), a neat little digital time piece you read like an analog watch: the 12 dots represent hours and the horizontal bar below indicates minutes. Besides regular time it sports both alarm and chronograph mode and the 20mm polyurethane band is available in six colors. Nooka Zub Zirc (From $105.00)

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Nooka has launched a colorful and limited edition of their ZenV watch designed in collaboration with footwear/apparel makers UNDRCRWN. There’s only 200 watches available so you better hurry up if you want one. UNDRCRWN ZenV ($275.00) Nooka ZenV

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Nooka Camo COTN Watches

Nooka Camo COTN Creatures of the night

Nooka-designer Mark Matthew Waldman just announced three upcoming Nooka watch models. These camo models are called COTN (Creatures Of The Night) and will be available in Urban Jungle Grey, Balmy Army Green and Crooklyn Remix colors – all sporting a stainless steel case back, polyurethane band and backlight.

The Nooka COTN watches has the Zen-H face so you tell the time by reading the bars; the two at the top indicate the hour and the two lower indicate minutes and seconds

The price is estimated to $250 when they’re launched in January 2008.


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Nooka Zirc

Nooka Zirc

Here’s the Nooka Zirc, 45mm by 35mm large with an off-center strap designed for comfortable wear – the clock protrudes onto the arm instead of the hand.

You tell the time by looking at the dots that form a circle for the hours and the row of lines for the minutes. Black, Mirror and White Zirc models will be available from mid-November for about $350.00

Posted by TG November 21st 2007 | Link to this post

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