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Nocs “NS2 Air” AirPlay Monitors

Nocs NS2 Air Airplay Monitors

Looking for a new set of stylish Airplay speakers? Here’s NS2 Air Monitors by the Swedish up and coming brand Nocs, allowing you to stream music from your computer (Mac/PC), iPad, iPhone or iPod wirelessly. The 70W NS2:s sports hand-built rubber coated cabinets (available in six colors), silk dome tweeters and Kevlar reinforced woofers.

Product page: NS2 Air Monitors ($TBA)

Nocs NS2 Air Airplay Monitors

Posted by TG March 6th 2012 | Link to this post

Nocs NS200 Earphones for HTC Phones

Nocs NS200 Earphones (black, white)

I wrote about the designed-in-Sweden stainless steel Nocs NS800 earphones the other day and here’s Nocs NS200HTC fresh from the oven. The iPod / iPhone compatible NS200 model (featuring the same aluminum housings, kevlar reinforced cables, mic and remote) has been around a while, but the NS200HTC is designed to be fully compatible with HTC Android phones (pause/resume playback works on HTC Windows 7 phones).

The HTC version will be launched in a couple of weeks, but if you’re an iPod or iPhone user you can get that model at Amazon right now. NS200HTC Product Page Nocs NS200 ($69.00)

Posted by TG May 10th 2011 | Link to this post

Nocs NS800 iPod/iPhone Earphones

Nocs NS800 iPhone/iPod Earphones

Oh yeah, here’s a pair of stylish earphones for you: Nocs NS800. These sweet high-fidelity earphones are designed in Stockholm, Sweden and are available in both black and white models. Both sporting stainless steel housings, noise isolating silicone sleeves and Kevlar reinforced cables, meaning they’re designed to last a while.

Add the fact that they come with a mic and remote compatible with iPhones/iPods/iPads and you’ve got yourself a nice replacement for those standard white Apple buds.

Link: NS800 ($200)

Posted by TG May 8th 2011 | Link to this post

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