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NES Game Hard Drives

The Etsy shop 8BitMemory offers external USB hard drives encased in classic NES and SNES games (Zelda, Super Mario Bros 1/2/3, Tetris, Metroid, Contra, you name it). Sweet nostalgia. The drives are 2.5" Toshiba models available with up to 1TB of storage and will set you back about $129.99. They’re limited edition and seem to be selling out fast though so hurry over there if you want one.

8BitMemory: NES Hard Drives

Posted by TG August 19th 2010 | Link to this post

NES Controller Mouse

Oh man, too bad this is just a concept – I’d buy this NES controller mouse any day, I don’t care if it’s even less ergonomic than the old Amiga 500 mice (or the early Apple ones, for that matter). No word on who the mastermind behind it is but he deserves to see this beauty mass produced.

Zeniouz: La Souris Nintendo

(Via Prylfeber)

Posted by TG April 30th 2009 | Link to this post

Pixel Style Fridge Magnets

Nintendo NES Fridge Magnets and Tree Ornaments

The Etsy shop Things to Love offers handmade fridge magnets and Christmas tree ornaments that’ll warm the heart of any old 8-bit Nintendo or C64 player during these cold months.

There’s Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble, the Mario mushrooms, Goomba, Shyguy and.. well. I want ’em! Some glows in the dark as well.

Things To Love: Pixel style fridge magnets / Christmas tree ornaments ($4.00 – $7.00)

Posted by TG December 4th 2007 | Link to this post

Super Famicom Controller for Wii

Nintendo Wii Super Famicom Controller

Oh yeah, Nintendo has retrofitted a bunch of classic Super Famicom Controllers (SNES for some of us) to make them Wii Virtual Console compatible. These were meant to be exclusive for Club Nintendo Platinum members in Japan, but the people over at National Console Support Inc offers them on pre-order (starts shipping April 2008). Sweet.

Now, where’s the NES model?

NCS Inc: Super Famicom Controller Wii ($30)

(Via Acquiremag)

Posted by TG November 21st 2007 | Link to this post

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