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Creative Zen now with 32GB

Creative Zen 32GB

Creative Asia announced the 32GB Zen yesterday and besides the obvious excellent storage capabilities it comes with a nice price tag as well; about $378. Cheap? Yes indeed. After all, you do get a credit card sized PMP with 30 hours of music playback (mp3, aac, wma), video (DivX, XviD, WMV, AVI, MPEG4 etc), photos, a 2.5" TFT display and a expansion SD slot.

There’s no word on when the 32GB model will be available globally, but the North American site does include it in the model dropdown (with an ‘out of stock’ mark), hopefully meaning it’ll be available soon. Zen Product Page Creative Zen

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LG Shining Stone UP3 S2 MP3 Player

LG UP3 S2 “Shining Stone” MP3 Player

Here’s “Shining Stone” UP3 S2, LG Electronic’s brand new MP3 player with a jewelry concept design. It’s all metal and available in 1-, 2- and 4GB models and in five jewel-influenced colors (black diamond, crystal silver, ruby red, pink topaz and sapphire blue).

Among the features we find MP3/WMA/OGG/ASF/FM-radio playback as well as voice- and FM-radio recording but although it does feature a 65,000 color OLED display it doesn’t do videos or images. File managing and battery charging are easily done by USB 2.0 though.

More pictures at AVING

LG Press release (Korean, Google translated)

(Via Anything but iPod)

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Buy a Pink Zune, fight breastcancer

Pink Zune against breastcancer

To help fight breastcancer Microsoft and Ford offers a Warriors in Pink Special Edition 30GB Zune of which 100% of the purchase price goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. That’s right, all of it.

$250 is still more expensive than a regular Zune, but considering the cause it’s quite impressive.

(If you’re more into Apple and iPods there’s always the red special edition models where a portion of the purchase price goes to help fight AIDS in Africa)

Warriors in Pink: 30GB Pink Zune ($249.99)

Posted by TG October 19th 2007 | Link to this post

Audi Cell Phone / Car Remote

Audi Mobile Device

Porsche and Hummer has their own cell phones, so why not Audi? Here’s the Audi Mobile Device, presented as part of the future A1 model (Metroproject Quattro).

This Wi-Fi and touch-screen enabled device docks nicely in your vehicle and functions not only as a 3G UMTS cell phone but also as a navigation unit, audio/video player, remote control and authorization system for your car. Cold day outside? Why not connect to your car while having your morning coffee in the kitchen and tell it to turn on the heating system and it’ll be nice and toasty for you when its time to go.

Continue reading for a close-up image:

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