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Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse

Here’s the new multi touch-sensing Microsoft Touch Mouse which Microsoft promises will hook up nicely with Windows 7. The touch area lets you navigate and switch between tasks easily while you can use gestures to scroll, pan and manipulate content. Touch Mouse ($80) Microsoft Touch Mouse ($79.95)

Posted by TG March 8th 2011 | Link to this post

Asus WX-DL Mouse

Asus has just launched a new 2.4 GHz wireless laser mouse dubbed WX-DL (after one of its designers, David Lewis). Besides the unusual, round shape of the aluminum casing it sports a touch sensitive top area allowing you to use mouse gestures (like Apple’s Magic Mouse), scroll in four directions as well as use it as a simple multimedia remote control.

Link: WX-DL Mouse ($79)

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Mouse Skype Phone With LCD Display

There’s plenty of mice slash Skype phones out there, but this one claims to be the first one doing it as a classic slider (and it does look like a classic, Nokia cell phone, doesn’t it?). Just slide that thing open for access to its keypad panel, internal speaker and condenser microphone – when closed you can check the caller-ID of who’s calling on the built-in 128×64 LCD display. Skype Travel Mouse With LCD Display ($35.00)

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Posted by TG July 1st 2009 | Link to this post

Comfort: Belkin’s Ergonomic Mice

Belkin has launched a new line of mice dubbed Comfort designed to stay ergonomic while looking somewhat good (I prefer ergonomics over looks any day when it comes to mice though). The mice will be available in a slew of different colors (Midnight Blue, Pitch Black, Fuchsia, Candy Red, White) and as for connections you get to pick between retractable USB cords, Bluetooth connection or wireless with a USB dongle (running on 2 AAA batteries).

The Comfort line will start shipping at the end of June and expect prices ranging from $19.99 for the retractable cord models to $49.99 for the Bluetooth ones.

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Posted by TG June 24th 2009 | Link to this post

Buffalo USB Silent Mouse

Buffalo USB Silent Mouse

Anyone who’s ever lived with someone in a compact apartment knows how easy it is to annoy your partner with mouse clicks while he/she desperately tries to sleep. The Buffalo Silent Mouse is designed to eliminate those click sounds, helping to make your computer session a whole lot less noisy (granted that you don’t have a keyboard with tactile keys).

Besides the ultra-silent click feature it’s a pretty basic and straight-forward optical mouse with 800dpi and USB 2.0 connectivity, available in black and silver.

AudioCubes: Buffalo USB Silent Mouse ($39.99)

Posted by TG December 27th 2007 | Link to this post

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