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Dell + Threadless laptop collaboration

Dell has teamed up with Threadless and will offer 11 of their t-shirt designs as laptop covers through Dell Design Studio. The Threadless picks are available on Dell Studio laptops and Inspiron Mini netbooks and will be changed several times a year to offer fresh, new crowd-sourced designs.

Link: Design Studio

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Touch Book Netbook Tablet

Touch Book Netbook Tablet by Always Innovating

The Touch Book by Always Innovating might look like a regular netbook at first glance but with features like a 95%-sized keybard along with a fully detachable 8.9" touch display that can be used as a tablet it might just be a bit more interesting to some people.

It’s powered by an OMAP3530 ARM chip and sports 256MB RAM + 256MB NAND memory along with a 8GB SD card for storage (no hard drive on this one). Besides that you get wi-fi, bluetooth, three USB-ports and a 3D accelerometer.

The Touch Book is said to start shipping next month to a price of $300 for the tablet section, $400 if you want the keyboard too.

Read more @ Laptopmag

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HP Mini 5101 Looks Good

Here’s HP Mini 5101, a sturdy, ultralight laptop with a bit more muscle than your average netbook. It’s enclosed in black, brushed aluminum and aluminum alloys and sports a Intel Atom processor, a 10.1" LED display, a spill-resistant keyboard 95% the size of a regular one and it weighs in at just 2.6 pounds.

It’s available with three different screen resolutions (WSVGA and higher) and with either a lighter four-cell battery or a six-cell battery offering up to 8 hours of runtime. When it comes to storage you get a 7,200 RPM hard drive alternatively an optional solid state drive with either 80 or 128 gigs.

The HP Mini 5101 starts at $449 and is expected to be available in late July.


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Dell Mini Inspiron

Dell Mini Inspiron Black

Dell has released a couple of pics of their upcoming and tiny laptop. There’s no official specs (or name for that matter) but Dell named the images “Mini Inspiron”. Among the expected features we find a 8.9-inch display, three USB ports, 8-in-1 card reader and an integrated webcam. Dell will probably release more info at Computex next week.

Read on for a picture of the dark red version:

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Posted by TG May 29th 2008 | Link to this post

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