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KAWS No Future Companion

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

This is “No Future Companion”; a fully poseable all-metal collectible toy created by KAWS / Hayime Sorayama. It took them three years(!) to design it (together with Medicom) and there’s only 500 made, so yeah, they’re sold out. Let’s hope they make more of ’em!

Update: There’s quite a few eBay auctions going on now, hurry over there if you want to grab one. Watch out for cheap fakes though.

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

KAWS + Hajime Sorayama: No Future Companion

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Posted by TG June 29th 2009 | Link to this post

Elecom Graphic Design Earphones

Are those generic white (or black) earphones you got starting to feel a bit too bland? Want to stand out from the crowd? Japanese Elecom has launched a limited edition of graphic design earphones designed by Power Graphixx Inc. and Rotterdam’s Doing. Nothing bland about these earbuds.

AudioCubes: Elecom Graphic Design Limited Edition Earphones ($35.99)

Check out the full set here:

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Leopard: The Robotic Office Chair

Leopard is a highly advanced office chair straight from Japan now actually available for real (the concept has been around for a while). Basically it uses unpowered robot technology inspired by the basic principles of human anatomy to sink by 25° when you sit down in it, and rise up as you lean forward. Besides promising awesome comfyness this means that it’ll adjust itself behind your back and wrap around your bum when you lean back (imagine being held in someone’s arms) and then even give you a little push when you want to get up.

Oki and Okamura will sell this chair, meaning it’ll probably show up for us Westerners as well soon, and it’ll be available with both black and white frames. Leather will set you back about $2,500, fabric about $2,100.

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Posted by TG June 24th 2009 | Link to this post

Vestax Handytrax: USB Turntable

This is Handytrax, a portable USB turntable for those often finding themselves wanting to play (and digitize) vinyl records away from home. A plastic hardcase is included. No word on export status from Japan though. Handytrax USB (Japanese)

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Tokyo Flash Infection Watch

Tokyo Flash Infection Watch

Ooookay, I’m back from my 3,5 month long vacation in Asia! Let’s start things off with a new (and odd) Japanese timepiece from Tokyo Flash called Infection. Besides the expected innovative way of telling the time it sports a pulsating display with 27 tri-colored LEDs, a mirrored face and a leather band with a stainless steel clasp. Wa

“Twelve red LEDs indicate hours, eleven yellow LEDs represent the progression of time in groups of five minutes and four green LEDs show single minutes.” Infection ($139, €88.30)

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Calendar Cube by Masami Design

Masami Takahashi’s Calendar Cube

You haven’t forgotten to get a calendar for 2008 yet, have you? Here’s Masami Takahashi’s excellent Calendar Cube to help you keep track of the upcoming 365 days.

The first six months are printed on the white side and when July 1st comes up you unfold the cube, turn it inside out and fold it again to have July to December shown in reversed colors. Magic, I tell you.

It’s made in clear plastic (paper probably wouldn’t endure the full year) and besides the regular print there’s transparent Braille writing on it too.

The Calendar Cube’s costs 2,940 Yen, that’s about $26.00 Calendar Cube (Japanese, here’s the Google translation)

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Posted by TG December 6th 2007 | Link to this post

Oberon Black LED Watch

S-Mode Oberon LED Black Ion Watch

Here’s the Oberon Watch by S-Mode, a jet black time piece featuring a black ion plated stainless steel exterior and bright white LEDs to tell the time.

The outer ring indicate the hour, the middle ring indicates single minutes and the inner ring indicate the minutes in groups of ten. By pushing a button you can switch to date mode which is shown in a similar manner. S-Mode Oberon LED Watch ($135.50, €92.50)

Posted by TG November 21st 2007 | Link to this post

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