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Nocs “NS2 Air” AirPlay Monitors

Nocs NS2 Air Airplay Monitors

Looking for a new set of stylish Airplay speakers? Here’s NS2 Air Monitors by the Swedish up and coming brand Nocs, allowing you to stream music from your computer (Mac/PC), iPad, iPhone or iPod wirelessly. The 70W NS2:s sports hand-built rubber coated cabinets (available in six colors), silk dome tweeters and Kevlar reinforced woofers.

Product page: NS2 Air Monitors ($TBA)

Nocs NS2 Air Airplay Monitors

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MiLi Pro iPhone/iPod Video Projector

MiLi Pro - iPod/iPhone Video Projector

PhoneSuit’s MiLi Pro Projector is a sleek pocket-sized projector built specifically for iPods and iPhones. Just hook it up and it’ll let you project a LED-illuminated 40 inch screen with a maximum resolution of 640×480 (480p). As for connections you get VGA and RCA audio input as well as USB output.

The MiLi Pro will ship in September 2009 but there’s no word on price yet.

PhoneSuit: MiLi Pro Projector ($TBA)

MiLi Pro - iPod/iPhone Video Projector

MiLi Pro - iPod/iPhone Video Projector

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Edifier Luna iF500 iPod Speaker

Edifier iF500 Luna iPod/iPhone Speaker

Edifier iF500 Luna is a 5-driver iPod/iPhone speaker system with a quite unorthodox design that has been available in Europe for a while now will make its way over the big pond to the U.S. and Canada any day now. Besides the iPod integration you get aux in for other audio players as well as digital FM radio. The speaker power output is 10W x 2 + 32W (subwoofer).

Edifier: Luna iF500 Product Page Edifier iF500 Luna ($299.00)

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Digital Photo Frame With iPod Dock

Mustek PF-i700 Digiframe with iPod Dock

Here’s Mustek PF-i700, a digital photo frame with a 7" display. Besides supporting regular storage solutions like SD/xD/MMC and Memory Stick this one comes with an iPod dock, so just plug it in and let it play back your favorite videos and picture slideshows.

The PF-i700 is scheduled for launch in March 2008 to an estimated price of $129.99.

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iBox: Sturdy Wooden iPod Speaker

Thodio iBox Wooden iPod Speaker

Thodio sure isn’t the first company to try the wooden approach to iPod accessories, but despite its boring name there’s something about the iBox that intrigues me.

This solid, handcrafted iPod amp features a wooden, high gloss lacquered cabinet. The basic models are built in either oak, teak or mahogany but other woods can be used on request. The battery is rechargable and lasts for about 15 hours and the whole thing offers 2 x 25 watts output power.

Thodio Exclusive Audio: iBox (359 euros, about $526 US)

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Ladybug iPod Speaker Dock

Vestalife Ladybug iPod Speaker Dock

Vestalife will launch the Ladybug iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock at CES International in Las Vegas in January 2008 (it won the CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award you know). This amplified speaker system sports stereo speakers, a subwoofer, LED volume level indicators, a USB port for synchronization and a remote control – I guess I don’t have to mention that it looks like a ladybug, do I? Ladybug iPod Dock

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New DLO iPod Jam Jackets

DLO iPod Jam Jackets (Touch, Classic, Nano)

DLO has launched a couple of new Jam Jacket protective cases for iPod Touch, Classic and 3G Nano. For $20 you get a form-fitted silicone case protecting your unit from bumps, dust and scratches gifted with an earbud storage system (securing both buds and cord) while still allowing access to all controls and connectors.

Available in black and clear silicone.

DLO: iPod Touch Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod Classic Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod 3G Nano Jam Jacket ($19.99)

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iPod-resembling Kitchen Timer

iPod-ish kitchen timer

Is it just me or does the Triple Timer kitchen timer resemble a certain MP3 player? Well, I can imagine two reasons to get this $20 timer:

1) You want people to think you’ve actually bought a second iPod just to keep track of your cooking times.
2) You’re the kind of guy who likes to give fake gifts to your nephew, just to watch him cry when he realizes that he’s been fooled. Again.

Anway, if you want one you better get it before Apple’s lawyers spot it. Even though the scroll-wheel is becoming somewhat obsolete these days they eat companies that produces stuff like this for breakfast.

Williams-Sonoma: Triple Timer ($19.95)

Posted by TG November 3rd 2007 | Link to this post

Evolve: Wireless iPod Sound System

Griffin Evolve: Wireless iPod Sound System

Evolve is a truly wireless iPod sound system from Griffin Technology. Each speaker cube is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery pack capable of 10 hours of playback. When the juice runs out you place the speaker on its charging station and just wait for it to fill up again. Easy as that.

The speakers has an effective range of 150 feet and besides the regular iPod dock the base unit sports composite and s-video out as well as in- and outgoing female RCA connectors for non-iPod devices. Evolve iPod Speakers ($299.99)

Posted by TG October 23rd 2007 | Link to this post

Xtreme Mac iPod Micromemo

Xtreme Mac iPod Micromemo

Xtreme Mac’s MicroMemo turns any iPod Classic+2nd/3rd gen Nano or Video into a portable audio recorder. Just plug in the detachable microphone and hit a button to record audio content directly to your iPod.

The main focus is on voice memos (meetings, interviews, random deep thoughts etc) but it seems to work well with other sources as well since you can hook up anything you like using the 3.5mm jack.

The recording time is displayed on the iPod screen in real-time and it’s available in both white and black. MicroMemo for iPod Classic / 3rd gen Nano / Video ($59.95) MicroMemo for 2nd gen iPod Nano ($59.95)

(Via Prylfeber)

Posted by TG October 22nd 2007 | Link to this post

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