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d-JAYS LE Micro Armature Earphones

Jays d-JAYS LE Micro Armature Earphones

Here’s d-JAYS LE by Swedish Jays. Available in four distinct colors (blue, pink, orange and green) guaranteed to stand out from the milky white iPod-bud crowd.

Besides the looks these buds ship with a cord that can be adjusted in length, 4 pairs of silicon rubber sleeves (XS, S, M, L), 4 pairs of canal filters and sport technologies like JAYS Sound Isolating System to reduce background noise and effective transducers which allows you to lower the volume on your media player to consume less battery power.

“d-JAYS LE comes in four limited colors and combine Swedish design and patented in-ear technology for a perfectly balanced sound, with detailed highs, natural mids and extended bass. This without compromising on functionality, look and feel.”

AudioCubes: Jays d-JAYS LE Micro Armature Earphones ($143.00)

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Posted by TG November 6th 2007 | Link to this post

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