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iPhone covered in 24K gold

iCandyPhones iPhone 24 carat gold

Gold platen gadgets, the eternal symbol of questionable taste and too fat wallets. Over 20 people wanted iCandyPhones’ custom and unlocked 16GB iPhone in 24 carat gold bad enough for its eBay auction to generate a total of 69 bids, landing on $6,000. Sigh. 24K Gold iPhone

(Via Crave)

Posted by TG May 21st 2008 | Link to this post

Here’s the 24 carat gold iPhone

Goldstriker International: 24 carat Gold iPhone

As long as there’s portable devices and people with excessive amounts of money there’ll be blinged out models of just about everything, Goldstriker International – a company that encases pretty much anything in gold – now offers two unlocked 8GB iPhone models sporting .999 hardened 24 carat gold encasings.

Either get the full one for £699.95 (about 1,500 USD) or save a couple of bucks by getting the part gold model for £499.95 (about 1,000 USD).

Goldstriker International: Apple iPhone struck in 24ct Gold (£499.95 – £699.95)

Posted by TG November 3rd 2007 | Link to this post

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