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Leopard: The Robotic Office Chair

Leopard is a highly advanced office chair straight from Japan now actually available for real (the concept has been around for a while). Basically it uses unpowered robot technology inspired by the basic principles of human anatomy to sink by 25° when you sit down in it, and rise up as you lean forward. Besides promising awesome comfyness this means that it’ll adjust itself behind your back and wrap around your bum when you lean back (imagine being held in someone’s arms) and then even give you a little push when you want to get up.

Oki and Okamura will sell this chair, meaning it’ll probably show up for us Westerners as well soon, and it’ll be available with both black and white frames. Leather will set you back about $2,500, fabric about $2,100.

(via crunchgear)

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The Emperor Workstation

The Emperor Workstation

No matter if you use NovelQuest’s Emperor Workstation to play Star Wars games, hack UN*X or control your evil forces in search for world domination it’ll just fit like a glove. Promise.

Besides looking huge and intimidating (as all computer workstations should) it comes packed with features like three TFT displays, air filter, light therapy, THX-sound and a uber-comfy seat. Not only that, whenever you want to get in or out of this thing it’ll lift the arm holding the displays by the press of a button.

It’ll launch in July this year, price to be announced.

NovelQuest: Emperor Workstation ($TBA)

(Via Prylfeber)

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A Touch-Sensitive Coffee Table

The Touch-sensitive DeLighTable by Kloss

Here’s the DeLighTable by Kloss, a coffee table sporting a surface that emits light when touched. This touch-sensitive and light-emitting technology has been around for a while now but now they’ve finally managed to slim it down (the coffee table is only 25mm thick) and make it available for purchase. It’s completely waterproof and runs on a safe 12 volts.

The price is 1200GBP (about $2,300).

Kloss Online: The DeLighTable

A video says more than a gazillion words, so make sure to read on:

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Relax in MetroNaps EnergyPod

MetroNaps EnergyPod

The EnergyPod by MetroNaps is a chair/bed hybrid designed to be a “room inside a room” to help stressed out office workers. Just slip into this futuristic Pac Man-shaped chair and let the visor slide down. You can then relax to either silence or plug in your headphones to filter out your co-workers completely.

“The contour of the EnergyPod takes pressure off the cardiac system with the elevation of the feet and relaxes the muscles of the back with a slight bend in the knees.”

A timer found in the arm rest prevents overnapping and wakes the user gently with a combination of lights and vibrations. EnergyPod

Continue reading for more pictures:

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