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Calendar Cube by Masami Design

Masami Takahashi’s Calendar Cube

You haven’t forgotten to get a calendar for 2008 yet, have you? Here’s Masami Takahashi’s excellent Calendar Cube to help you keep track of the upcoming 365 days.

The first six months are printed on the white side and when July 1st comes up you unfold the cube, turn it inside out and fold it again to have July to December shown in reversed colors. Magic, I tell you.

It’s made in clear plastic (paper probably wouldn’t endure the full year) and besides the regular print there’s transparent Braille writing on it too.

The Calendar Cube’s costs 2,940 Yen, that’s about $26.00 Calendar Cube (Japanese, here’s the Google translation)

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Posted by TG December 6th 2007 | Link to this post

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