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Creative ZEN Style M300 MP3 Player

Creative ZEN Style M300 MP3 Player

Creative just launched the ZEN Style M300 MP3 player, offering a nice alternative to the iPad Nano. Besides supporting Bluetooth headphones, MP3 playing and FM-radio it’ll play videos on its 1.45" screen as well.

The ZEN Style M300 is available with white, black and yellow details and in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes, costing you from $40 to $80 depending on storage size.

Link: ZEN Style M300

Posted by TG May 6th 2011 | Link to this post

Creative Zen now with 32GB

Creative Zen 32GB

Creative Asia announced the 32GB Zen yesterday and besides the obvious excellent storage capabilities it comes with a nice price tag as well; about $378. Cheap? Yes indeed. After all, you do get a credit card sized PMP with 30 hours of music playback (mp3, aac, wma), video (DivX, XviD, WMV, AVI, MPEG4 etc), photos, a 2.5" TFT display and a expansion SD slot.

There’s no word on when the 32GB model will be available globally, but the North American site does include it in the model dropdown (with an ‘out of stock’ mark), hopefully meaning it’ll be available soon. Zen Product Page Creative Zen

Posted by TG December 4th 2007 | Link to this post

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