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3-in-1 mouse from Canon

Canon LS-100TKM: Mouse with calculator and numeric keypad

Okay, it’s friday so let’s bring forth stuff you didn’t know you’d ever need, like the Canon LS-100TKM, a 1000dpi optical USB mouse with built-in calculator (with 10-digit LCD screen) as well as a numeric keypad. Flipping that lid open might seem more of a hassle than just hitting win-r and typing “calc”, but that’s just me…

Available in Japan by June 12th for about $32 in black and white models.

Canon Japan: Canon LS-100TKM (Google Translate)

(Via Gizmodo)

Posted by TG June 13th 2008 | Link to this post

The Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle

The Amazing Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle

Here’s the Amazing Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle, and hmm, let’s see.. Calculator? Check. Chrome? Check. Amazing? Well.. The name pretty much sums it all up.

BeWild: The Amazing Chrome Calculator Belt Buckle ($9.99)

(Via Geekalerts)

Posted by TG November 2nd 2007 | Link to this post

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