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ccPhone: Limited Edition Black iPhone

Citizen:Citizen ccPhone - Limited Edition Black iPhone

Citizen:Citizen’s ccPhone is a limited edition of modified 8GB iPhones. Instead of a shiny metal back plate these ship with a jet black and matte surface along with matching artwork, video and music. They’re serious about the limited part though, there’s only 50 units available so you better hurry up if you want one.

I guess it’s no surprise that standing out from the crowd will hurt your wallet a bit though. Expect to pay about $2200 for one of these.

ccPhone: Limited Edition Black iPhone (€1500, about 2,165 USD)
Citizen:Citizen Official Site

Posted by TG October 30th 2007 | Link to this post

The Progetti 6+6 Wall Clock

The 6+6 Clock by Progetti

The 6+6 Clock by Italian Progetti might look pretty weird at a first glance, but it’s actually quite easy to read. Black on black, neon green and slight oddness – a winning combination any day.

UMA Online Store: The 6+6 Clock ($199.00)

Posted by TG October 23rd 2007 | Link to this post

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