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Bertelli Custom Bicycles

Bertelli Bicycles are custom track and fixed gear bikes hand-built by Francesco in New York City. Every bike is assembled and fine-tuned using combinations of new and vintage parts, rendering each unique. So, if you’re a fan of of logo and sticker-less bikes, lugged steel, skinny tubes, quill stems, vintage cranksets, leather and wood, unusual handlebars and chrome forks you better check these out.

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Posted by TG August 26th 2010 | Link to this post

Kinfolk “International” Foldable Bike

Here’s International, a foldable (well, deconstructable in a really clever way) bicycle that won “Best Ride” in the 2010 Wallpaper Design Award, and man, does it look good or what? These one-off bikes are designed and hand-built by US/Japanese Kinfolk (actually by 71-year old master frame builder Shuichi Kusaka), painted by Coat and the custom bag is designed by Nivaldo de Lima. They don’t come cheap though, expect a price tag of about $3,800 to $3,900 depending on if you want the bag with it or not.


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The Matra MS1 Electric Bike

Matra MS MS1 Electric Bike

This is the MS1 by Matra MS, a brand new electric bicycle hybrid capable of running on both electricity and regular 9-speed pedal power. It’s gifted with a 1kW motor wheel and while running on electricity it tops 45 km/h (about 28mph) and is capabale to take you up to 100 km / 62 miles on one charge.

There’s LED lights in the front and back to keep you safe and there’s an LCD display on the handlebars indicating speed and remaining battery power. Just plug it in and it’ll recharge in 3-6 hours depending on battery, and don’t worry if you need to leave it outside during the night – it sports an electric alarm and you need a magnetic card key to unlock it.

The retail price is estimated to €3,500 ($4,951). (French)

(Via Gizmag)

Posted by TG November 1st 2007 | Link to this post

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