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Highwire Power LED DeskLight

Balmuda Highwire Power LED DeskLight

The Highwire Power LED DeskLight by Balmuda Design isn’t just a stylish desk lamp, this subtile aluminum creation is actually the brightest LED desk lamp in the world.

“It keeps 70% of its original light output even after 50,000 hours. The color emitted by Highwire matches the color of a computer display therefore, the display is not distorted. The light coming from Highwire does not include infrared rays and so emits less heat.”

It’s available in two models; the Highwire 1100 for 23" displays and smaller and the Highwire 1300 for 24" and bigger. The price is pretty close though, $630 vs $660.

Balmuda: Highwire Power LED DeskLight

(Via Geekalerts)

Posted by TG November 19th 2007 | Link to this post

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