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10 years ago: Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

Time for some nostalgia; this Sunday it’ll be 10 years since Apple cancelled one of their oddest computers, the Power Mac G4 Cube. I haven’t thought about this one for quite a while, but it’s still a beautiful machine and it really pushed the boundaries for how a computer could look like back then. Hell, if you’d just re-design the grill on top it’d still look good on a desktop today.

The G4 Cube didn’t become the success Apple had hoped for so it lived a relatively short life. The cubic 8" computer was suspended in a 10" clear housing and there was no visible buttons. Also, to live up to the ads proclaiming it as “a super fast, super quiet super computer – in an 8 inch cube” it ran without a fan, using a convection system to suck up air through the housing instead.

Read more at TheRegister

Check out Apple’s promo video below:

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Posted by TG July 1st 2011 | Link to this post

Apple 27" LED Cinema Display

Apple announced the 27-inch LED cinema display over a month ago, but now it’s finally available in Apple Store. Besides the good looks you get a widescreen display with 2560×1440 native resolution, 178° viewing angle, three USB ports, built-in 2.1 speaker system (49 watts), iSight webcam with microphone and LED backlight with 1000:1 contrast ratio. 27" Cinema Display ($999)

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Posted by TG September 17th 2010 | Link to this post

Colorware Stealth MacBook Pro

Colorware Stealth MacBook Pro

Want a custom, covert-operations style MacBook? Try the Stealth MacBook Pro from Colorware; a regular 15" MacBook Pro (3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB solid-state drive, 8X superdrive) but with a soft, smooth-textured, zero-gloss black finish protecting your computer from both fingerprints and scratches. The backlit keyboard now glows in blue too, nice touch.

There’s only 10 of these ninja macbooks available though, so hurry up if you want one!

Colorware: Stealth MacBook Pro ($5999)

Colorware Stealth MacBook Pro
Colorware Stealth MacBook Pro
Colorware Stealth MacBook Pro

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Posted by TG July 2nd 2009 | Link to this post

Vaja Leather Case For MacBook Air

Vaja Leather Cases for MacBook Air

Vaja has been making stylish leather cases for electronic devices for a long time, and a laptop like the MacBook Air (that fits into a manila envelope sleeve) obviously needs some too. Here’s the iVolution case, ready to protect your precious machine in style. iVolution MacBook Air Case (from $280)

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Posted by TG June 13th 2008 | Link to this post

View the first iPhone 3G tv-ad

Apple iPhone 3G

Okay, how could I not mention the iPhone 3G today? If you’re one of those who haven’t been constantly refreshing Mac-related websites today I could just mention that as of July 11 you’ll be able to buy an 8GB iPhone for $199 ($300 for the 16GB model) and it’ll feature real GPS, 3G (about three times the speed of EDGE) as well as better battery life (300 hours standby, 10 hours talking in 2G, half in 3G, 5-6 hours browsing, 7 hours of video watching or 24 hours of music).

Check out the first iPhone 3G tv ad below:

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Posted by TG June 9th 2008 | Link to this post

Oakley iPhone Case

Here’s a rugged and protective iPhone case from Oakley. What might look like regular rubber is actually a mold of unobtainium® (the sure-grip mass Oakley normally use on their sunglasses to make sure they don’t fall off and yes, they’ve trademarked it).

While protecting your iPhone from daily abuse it sports an open face for the screen and full access to cord connections and controls.

Oakley: iPhone Case ($30.00)

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Posted by TG May 22nd 2008 | Link to this post

iPhone covered in 24K gold

iCandyPhones iPhone 24 carat gold

Gold platen gadgets, the eternal symbol of questionable taste and too fat wallets. Over 20 people wanted iCandyPhones’ custom and unlocked 16GB iPhone in 24 carat gold bad enough for its eBay auction to generate a total of 69 bids, landing on $6,000. Sigh. 24K Gold iPhone

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Apple Timeline T-shirt

Apple 30 First Years Timeline T-shirt

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Apple Inc. is 30 (+1) years old. Why not inform them? This tee from Insanely Great Tees shows the entire timeline, from the Apple I and Apple II in ’76 and ’77 to the MacBooks and iPhones of 2007.

InsanelyGreatTees: Apple Timeline ($17.00)

Posted by TG December 30th 2007 | Link to this post

No iPhone hype in the UK?

No iPhone hype in the UK?

The people over at the Dial-a-phone blog took a tour across London yesterday to check out the expected chaotic masses of iPhone craving customers just a couple of hours before the phone was due for launch at 6:02 pm.

Well, the crowds weren’t there. Actually, besides the iPhone ads in the windows all of the Phonehouse, O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores looked like nothing was about to happen. The Apple Store did have a waiting crowd though, about 15 people willing to fight the cold to be the first Brits to own a legal iPhone.

What’s up? Where’s the Jesus Phone fever? Didn’t the hype make it over the Atlantic? Did all the early-adopters get their units from elsewhere?

I wonder how it’ll look like when it launches in Sweden…

Dial-a-phone: iPhone Crowds? Don’t believe the hype!

(Thanks Patrick!)

Posted by TG November 10th 2007 | Link to this post

New DLO iPod Jam Jackets

DLO iPod Jam Jackets (Touch, Classic, Nano)

DLO has launched a couple of new Jam Jacket protective cases for iPod Touch, Classic and 3G Nano. For $20 you get a form-fitted silicone case protecting your unit from bumps, dust and scratches gifted with an earbud storage system (securing both buds and cord) while still allowing access to all controls and connectors.

Available in black and clear silicone.

DLO: iPod Touch Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod Classic Jam Jacket ($19.99)
DLO: iPod 3G Nano Jam Jacket ($19.99)

Posted by TG November 6th 2007 | Link to this post

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