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SwimMan: Waterproofed iPod Shuffles

SwimMan Waterproof iPod Shuffle

SwimMan has been creating waterproofed audio tech for a decade now (apparently) and their latest product is a waterproof (and genuine) iPod Shuffle. The magic is done inside the Shuffle so there’s no visible differences between these and regular ones.

These modified Shuffles will cost you a little extra, naturally. SwimMan wants $250 for the kit with a Shuffle + waterproof headphones or $150 for just the Shuffle (in comparison to the $79 Apple wants for a generic don’t-drop-it-in-the-water-please Shuffle). Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Posted by TG August 5th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Smithers

    Ha, good thing it’s the Shuffle then.. small enough to take with you even when skinny dippin’… ;)

  • Phillip

    I’ve used it, I love it… addicted to it! I’m actually surprised how good this product is. At first I thought it might be some kind of scam… but actually the company’s great, customer service is awsome and the product absolutely rocks! Excellent job Swimman! Keep up the great work and start waterproofing more iPods – got a Nano I’d like done! ^_^

  • trent

    tha waterman buttons are jammed during waterproofing go to to get the latest generation that works properly

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