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Super Mario Mushroom Plushies

Super Mario Mushroom Plush

Looking for super-soft 8-bit nostalgia? How about the Super Mario Mushroom series of plushies? Both Size-up and 1-Up mushrooms are available as well as a bunch of goombas featuring the hats of either Mario, Luigi and Wario. Super Mario Mushroom Plush ($14.99 each)

Posted by TG May 21st 2007 | 5 comments » | Permalink

  • Arturo

    dude these things rock out loud

  • Thomas H.

    Look awsome. Just like in the games

  • susie

    so cool!!!!!!

  • I love super mario. Good thanks.

  • Jake

    God mario is a LEGEND these plush toys remind me of SUPER MARIO 64

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