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Sony WA: Wireless Music Streamer

Sony WA Wireless Boombox

Sony VAIO WA is a wireless music streamer, something of a stylish boombox of 2007. It measures 15" x 6" x 5" and will hook up to either your existing wireless network or let you create a WA-specific one using the included USB dongle. While on-line it’ll connect to your computer and read the libraries of either iTunes, Windows Media Player or SonicStage and stream your MP3, WMA and AAC collections plus web radio.

It’s available in both white and black and you control it using the 5-row LCD display and the touch sensitive buttons/remote control. Would the network be down for some reason you can always hook up something up using the line-in and analog/digital line-out as well. VAIO WA Product Page VAIO WA Wireless Music Streamer ($349.99)

(Via AnythingButiPod)

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