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Sony PSP 2007: Slim & Lite

Sony PSP 2000

Sony has revamped the PSP and the 2007 version Slim & Lite (with “2000” as the official model name, oddly enough) looks promising.

The Slim & Lite PSP is 33% lighter (from 280 grams to 189), 19% slimmer and features better Wi-Fi support, faster loading times, 64MB internal memory (instead of 32), improved battery life, USB battery charging, video-out, removed infra-red port and the speakers are now located on the front, near the top of the screen.

The 2007 PSP:s are available in black, white, ice silver, rose pink, blue and purple.

AudioCubes: Sony PSP 2007: Slim & Lite ($199.00)

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