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Sole Mio: A Solar Powered Mouse

Sole Mio Solar Powered Wireless Mouse

This is the Sole Mio, a solar powered wireless mouse designed to eliminate the need of non-eco friendly batteries. The “Syn-Energy Programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research” has spent four years developing it and by the looks of it its ready for production.

“With solar energy, under ideal circumstances charging can occur a factor of five times quicker than in the current situation. Over time it is estimated that several hundred million batteries could be saved annually on a global scale. The net environmental benefit is still restricted by the high energy content of current PV cells. However the introduction of new types of cheap and energy-extensive PV cells, on which TU Delft and partners are working, would eventually yield an even higher environmental gain.”

So, what do you say. Is peripheral recharging the reason we geeks have been looking for to finally spend some time in the sun?

Read the press release

(Via EverythingUSB)

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  • Anonymous

    Computer mouse has been one of the input devices in the computer or laptop,this mouse looks nice ,it must be liked by many young people.

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