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Slinky 1945 Collector’s Edition

Original 1945 Slinky (Limited Edition)

If you’re going to own a Slinky it better be the Collector’s Edition made just like the originals from 1945. No cheap plastics here, this one’s made in dark metal and it’s packed in a cardboard box with the original package design.

Cheap, nostalgic, timeless and stair-friendly – all in one huge spring.

ThinkGeek: Collector’s Edition Slinky ($7.99)

Posted by TG September 22nd 2007 | 5 comments » | Permalink

  • 34563

    i think the Slinky Dog is way cooler.But its still pretty cool.

  • Lalalania

    I think the slinky is cool…and pretty fun to play with.The first time i got one was in 1969 and i was only 5.It was exciting playing with it!!I still have it to this day.

  • moomoo2u

    very cool!!!!!!

  • how much are they!?!?!?i really want one!!!

  • getalife plzimbeggingyou

    these websites never tell the truth about anything.

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