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Self-cooling Seat Cushion

Self-Cooling Seat Cushion

Does the boss force you to work long, warm hours at the office while refusing to fix the air condition? No (ass) sweat! Here’s the incredible Self-Cooling Seat Cushion.

This thing is filled with some sort of natural mineral crystals, and while you sit on it they melt and produce a nice cooling sensation for your hiney. It’s all encased in a closed loop system, so when your work day is over you just put it to rest during the night and the minerals regenerate, over and over again (no refrigerator needed).

FirstStreetOnline: Self-Cooling Seat Cushion ($49.95)

(Via Prylfeber)

Posted by TG August 15th 2007 | 2 comments » | Permalink

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  • Rebecca Hurtik

    I have 3 of these cushions and over time they have turned into a solid mass and not the free flowing crystals I started out with. Any suggestions?

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