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SanDisk Ducati USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Ducati Extreme USB Flash Drive

There’s plenty of car-related co-branding going on right now (Porsche cells and laptops, Hummer cellphones, Ferrari and Lamborghini laptops, you name it). Luckily SanDisk is considerate enough to mind the bikers as well and have launched a collection of Ducati branded products – here’s the Extreme USB Flash Drive Ducati Edition.

“The attractive industrial design echoes the performance, colors, and lines of a Ducati MotoGP motorcycle. And hidden beneath this unique exterior lies a fast, 20MB/second USB Flash Drive.”

SanDisk Extreme USB Flash Drive Ducati Edition ($124.99)

Posted by TG September 8th 2007 | 1 comment » | Permalink

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