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The new SanDisk 16GB Sansa View

SanDisk Sansa View

SanDisk just announced the new Sansa View and suddenly it looks nothing like the chubby thing they showcased at CES in January. The Sansa Views are available in two models (8GB and 16GB) with the possibility to upgrade to 24GB by using the MicroSD card expansion slot.

Besides the impressive storage capabilities it sports a 2.4" display, 30 hours of battery power and is capable of playing movies (MPEG4, WMV, and H.264, with more formats coming) in 30 fps, music (MP3, WAV, Audible, WMA) with gapless playback, pictures (jpeg), FM-radio and voice recording with the built-in microphone.

The estimated prices are $149.99 for the 8GB model and $199.99 for 16GB. Sansa View Product Page

Posted by TG September 10th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • yes, and the hordes will go out and buy iPods…

  • Tobbe

    Oh yeah, there’s no stopping that. This device looks pretty neat though, their loss I guess. :)

  • Anono-Mouse

    I can’t wait for this to hit the UK, at exactly the same time as my old first gen Nano is feeling rather broken. (Not quite, but it keeps forgetting it’s on hold or to turn off or whatever.) I’m trying to get accustomed to Windows Media Player to see if I could live without iTunes. (Which has always been the better half of the iPod duo.)

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