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Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player Review

Samsung YP-K5

EverythingUSB has reviewed the Samsung YP-K5 Player and they seem pretty satisfied with it. One of the features that makes this one stand out from the crowd (FM-radio and photo viewing isn’t all that new anymore) is the pair of built-in speakers you can flip out whenever you want to play music out loud.

“Listening to music on the YP-K5 however is a much more invigorating experience, with a wide frequency response and superb audio quality that doesn’t break up at higher volumes. Unusually low bass sounds slightly muffled as evident through Cypress Hill’s Dr. Greenthumb, but not enough to detract from the music unless you’re a highly critical audiophile.”

EverythingUSB: Samsung YP-K5 4GB MP3 Player Review

Posted by TG April 24th 2007 | 1 comment » | Permalink

  • Boom

    Cool, but I think I’ll stick with my precious iPod a while longer.. :)

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