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Samsung Yepp YP-P2

Samsung Yepp YP-P2

The Samsung Yepp YP-P2 isn’t official just yet, but both images and tech specs has leaked to the oh-so-useful intarnets and by the looks of it we might just have something really cool launched from Samsung soon.

According to reliable sources the YP-P2 has armed itself with MP3/VMV/WMA/H.264 and ASF playback, 8GB of Flash storage, a 3" touch-screen display, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a built-in speaker (and microphone).

Looking good Samsung, looking good!

Read on to watch a video of it in action:


(Via Newlaunches)

Posted by TG August 14th 2007 | 3 comments » | Permalink

  • Boom

    Yeah, the interface isn’t as cool as the iPhone’s, but it looks interesting! Hope they set a decent price tag on it when it’s launched.

  • Powell

    Boom, the Yepp is more of a competitor to the next generation iPods (with touch screen) than the iPhone tho!

  • Jonz

    Mmmm. Me wants one.. precious…

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